Our journey in the field of perfumery started in 1982 with a vision to create fragrances for every use and to fulfill the fragrance requirements of the cosmetics industry of Pakistan by innovation and precision. Elevation is the brand name in which all types of fragrances are being catered at Fragrance Bank. Our brand, Elevation has gained popularity and appreciation in the cosmetics industry over the years and have become an established and authentic sign in the market. We at Fragrance Bank, keep on exploring new horizons of perfumery by versatile methods of research and development. We consider our customers most valuable in elevating our size and goodwill in the market and we are determined to serve the industry with honesty, competence and nationalism

Message of CEO

We must search for the Grace of Almighty Allah with honesty in our work.Our objective is the people must get benefit from our fragrance and our fragrance may play a positive part in the welfare of the society
Muhammad Asif